Shiitake-Noodle Soup

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Popular all over the world, tofu is a great addition to your healthy diet. Tofu is made from soybeans, and can have varying firmness levels from soft to extra firm. Tofu has the ability to absorb the flavors of other foods and sauces, which makes it perfect in this flavorful soup. Nutritionally, tofu is low in calories and a good source of protein, calcium, and iron. I recommend organic tofu, which is inexpensive to buy.

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Shiitake-Noodle Soup
Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free, Nut Free
Makes:   4 servings  
Makes:   4 servings  
  1. HEAT broth and ginger to a boil over high heat.
  2. ADD noodles, broccolini, and mushrooms; reduce heat to a simmer and cook 5 minutes or until broccolini is tender.
  3. STIR in remaining ingredients; continue cooking 4 to 5 minutes or until thoroughly heated.
  4. Note: Serve with additional soy sauce, if desired.
Fresh Tips


Substitute other noodles, such as Chinese-style egg noodles or udon noodles.



Asian chili garlic sauce adds heat and flavor to this recipe.

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