Favorite Culinary Gift Ideas: 2017

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Need the perfect gift for you or someone on your list? Choose from my 25 Favorite Culinary gifts!

Salt and Pepper Mill:
For everyday use, fresh ground salt and pepper stainless steel mills in clear glass body.
Laser Thermometer:
The latest for accurate, non-contact temperature readings with a wide temperature range.
Salad Spinner:
Forget soggy, wet greens! Keep them clean and crisp in minutes for the best tasting salads.
Knife Sharpener:
Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp knives, and you can save money sharpening at home.
Grill Pan:
Cook like a pro when you can add grill marks to sandwiches, vegetables, chicken, fish and more. This pan is not too heavy and is easy to clean.
Stackable Non-skid Mixing Bowls:
A staple for any kitchen are good mixing bowls; these are non skid with pour spouts and handles.
Silicon Oven Mitts:
These are no nonsense mitts - easy to clean, provide extra protection and a good grip.
Cuisinart Mini Chopper:
One of my favorite small appliances makes quick work of chopping veggies for soups, sauces, stir-fry, or just about any cooking need.
Wine Saver Pump Vacuum:
For the wine lover on your list, this pump creates an air-tight vacuum and prevents oxidation, keeping wine fresh.
Extract the best flavor from citrus rind, fresh ginger, hard cheeses, chocolate, and more.
Instant Pot:
Multi purpose in one appliance: slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, saute.
Cuisinart Hot Air Popper:
Air popped popcorn is easy to make and healthiest when you can add your own drizzle of melted coconut oil or butter.
Cuisinart Wok with Lid:
Healthy cooking begins with a wok for a great stir-fry and I love the lid feature.
Numi Organic Tea Selection in Box:
For any tea lover in your life, this tea is Fair trade non-GMO, offered in a delicious assortment and a beautiful box.

This tool is affordable and handy for thin-slicing veggies like a pro for beautiful salads and sides.

Cuisinart Coffee Bean Grinder:
This coffee bean grinder is heavy duty for serious coffee lovers and offers an 18 position grind selector for a uniform grind.
Santoku Chef Knife:
This knife is light in weight and perfect for quick cutting with a thinner blade that has one flat side and one beveled side.
Garlic Press:
One of the top kitchen utensils; stainless steel professional heavy soft handled.
Stand Mixer:
A great kitchen workhorse that will last a lifetime.
The star of all blenders; this powerful model is built to last and can make steaming hot soup, frozen desserts, and delicious smoothies with absolutely no pulp or chunks. What a perfect way to hide nutritious ingredients for picky eaters. Ours is in use every day…honestly.
Cookbook Holder:
No need to struggle with splashing food on your laptop; prop a recipe copy or cookbook in this lightweight holder.
Mason Shaker:
A fun gift for cocktail making! Comes with assorted accessories.
Digital Kitchen Scale:
Perfect for weighing produce, pasta, or portioning servings. I use mine frequently.
Electric Griddle:
So easy for quesadillas or pancakes, etc., when a skillet just isn't big enough.
Chef Knife:
A good quality, basic chef knife is a must for any cook.

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