My Background Story


produce-2-Edit-EditWelcome! Thanks for visiting my website.

My name is Lori and I have always been obsessed with food. Back in junior high school, one of my favorite places was the kitchen. I enjoyed the challenge of creating the perfect after school snack, and my sister reminds me how I once mastered delectable, homemade chocolate peanut butter cups. And when packaged bread wouldn’t do, I began kneading and baking fresh, homemade loaves. Those days set the bar high for what was yet to come.

I continued my passion for food and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Foods and Business from the University of Illinois. Despite my busy school schedule, I scoured through cookbooks and magazines for recipes to delight my roommates with fresh, home-cooked meals.

Today I have a husband and two daughters, who have been my eager taste-testers. My professional career spans over 25 years, and I have worked for numerous Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 food companies to test and develop recipes for magazines, websites, cookbooks, and food packages. Through my experiences, I have discovered key insights into making great recipes, such as using fresh, colorful ingredients, the right blend of seasoning, and interesting textures. Along with creating recipes comes the responsibility of writing them in an easy-to-follow style, which I take very seriously. I have also worked as a food stylist, which entails making food look beautiful for print and television advertising. One of my more unusual experiences was working in the garage of a California homeowner to make over 20 omelettes for a television commercial being filmed in her kitchen!

Now I am utilizing all of my experiences to create this website, which is very exciting to me. I believe in eating whole foods as close to nature as possible. I have become a self-taught food photographer, and love providing you with doable, attractive, and delicious recipes that take away your “What do I cook today?” stress. I will share insights to make every meal you prepare more memorable and healthy. In addition, I am available for personal coaching via Skype; take a look under the Culinary Coaching tab for more information.

Celebrate great food; invite some friends or family to the table and cook something fresh today!